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Hating Valentine's Day was so last year

No, I never hated Valentine's Day. And I especially don't hate it today. Maybe it's because I don't have my eye on anybody, really. I guess I can understand the feeling if you're in love with somebody who doesn't love you back. But that's not really the case today. I feel so romantically DISinclined here, it's crazy. I don't remember feeling this way for ages, usually I attach myself to someone in order to get over the last one.

It's suddenly started snowing outside. I want to go to the city this weekend to see The Gates. I know that I haven't found a good friend yet, becuase I can feel it inside of me that I have not yet found my calm-Japanese-dinner companion, nor have I found my slow-afternoon-in-a-NYC-cafe companion. The only ones I can think of don't go here, or would just be into it for the sake of doing something, anything. I wish Melissa would come up to New York. Last night I couldn't get to sleep because I kept thinking about 1) The possibility of going to Hong Kong this summer to work and live with Cordelia, and grow up and be on my own for once and 2) The possibility of going to New York this weekend, maybe even by myself which is in some ways even more exciting but saad that I'd have to go by myself because I can't find anyone calm enough to go, and scary and probably not going to happen because I know I would run into tons of people that I know and that would be no-fun and isolating.

Cait's not even going to be here, so I better get out.

Life Aquatic again/Naomi's on Friday?
NYC on Saturday?

JOHN I wish he would call me back because now I am a bit worried about him.

I'm listening to Michelle's first mix, I remember getting it in the mail and putting it on in the little time I had between classes and the envelope was soaked through with rain but then it was so perfect with it raining outside and I loved it.

I feel aimless.
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